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Eredia 2 Latest News

Dear Eredians,

I am pleased to announce that the main story content for Eredia 2 has finally been completed, and now the focus shifts to tying all loose ends, adding some end-game content, testing stuff, fixing shit, and making sure that the sequel that you have all been waiting for comes out as polished and bug-free as possible.

Because of that, I would like to start the next testing phase ASAP. If you are interested in becoming an early closed-beta tester, please reach out on the discord server.

Finally, I would like to remind that Eredia 2 is a direct sequel of it's predecessor and the story continues right from where it was left off. While it's not necessary to play Eredia: Diary of Heroes before playing this game, it is HIGHLY recommended that you do so for the best experience.

The tentative release date that we're going for is 1st November, 2023. However, a lot depends on how smoothly the testing goes, and how many bugs we have to squish. Add the game to your wishlist so you don't miss the release announcement.


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