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Happy New Year = FREE GIFTS!

It's that time of the year again! A new year means new beginnings, new excuses, and of course, new gifts.

I've got three new gifts for our new subscribers and the players who've supported us so far!

The first one is an exclusive digital Eredia Lore Book which will be sent to all our mailing list subscribers by the end of January. It'll contain all the information you wanted to know about the world of Arlis, it's history, the empires, the gods, and just about everything else.

The second gift will be for two lucky random subscribers every month, who'll get a FREE Steam key for any of our games!

And if that's not all, ALL SUBSCRIBERS will have access to pre-order Eva Reynes with a 30% discount!

How to Subscribe:

- Open my website: - Wait for a subscription popup. - Enter your email address and sumbit.

That's all! Far simpler than baking a cake, and probably more rewarding, too.

Speaking of Eva, I have finished working on the second episode, and I'll post a detailed Progress Report for December in a couple of days. If the holidays couldn't slow me down, nothing will (probably...)!

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