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You have fallen in love with RPG Maker ever since you first got your hands on RMMV, the latest engine in the series. To you it is more than just an engine; it is a maker of dreams. You even quit your day job to make sure you can spend all your day working on that dream game that you’ve always wanted to make. 

There is, however, a bit of a twist. You are living in your mom’s house, and the only thing that separated you from a delinquent was your day job. Of course she thinks it’s the worst decision you’ve ever made! Even though you always thought in your head that you’d spend months (or maybe even years) to make that ultimate game that’ll blow everyone’s minds away, in comes the ultimatum: You have 60 days to prove that a developer with a passion for making games (you) can use RPG Maker MV to make your living, and that you’re not just another wannabe hobbyist who made the biggest extemporaneous decision of his life. 

Objective: Use the engine that’s simple enough for a child, but powerful enough for a developer, to create a game within 60 days and raise at least $10,000 (in first month’s sales) to prove your mom wrong. 

- A short 1-2 hour simulation game where every RM developer can find something they can relate to – and if you’re not a developer – you’ll learn a thing or two about what goes on behind the scenes. 

- You are no pro. You’ve made a couple of shabby games with bad grammar and a ton of bugs before, but that’s it. To make something worthwhile you have to learn a lot of things from the scratch while simultaneously working on your dream game. This includes taking lessons, watching tutorials on Youtube, and improving your overall creativity. 

- Use free plugins and resources from our beloved communities and buy the stuff that you need to make your dream game. (Don’t forget to credit those fine people) 

- After you’ve learned a certain skill, work on commissions to make money to fund your project’s needs. Hire people to do stuff that you’re not good at. 

- Run a Kickstarter campaign when the time is ripe. 

- Increase your game’s publicity before the launch by running marketing campaigns. Your dream game will never become a reality if it doesn’t leave your basement! 

- Captivating artwork and music. 

- Bone-tickling humor at every step of your journey to fame. 

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