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Eredia 2 is now LIVE!

I'll keep this short and simple so there's less reading and more gaming. Eredia 2 is now Live and available for purchase at a 30 percent launch discount!

And if you haven't had the chance to play the first game yet, now is the perfect opportunity to buy it at a ridiculous 85% discount, during the launch week of Eredia 2! Although it is not mandatory to do so, the two games are designed to be experienced one after the other. And players who have finished the first game are recommended to export their saves to Eredia 2.

How to export the save file:

-> Navigate to the Eredia: Diary of Heroes/www folder in your steam library.

-> Copy the ENTIRE 'save' folder

-> Navigate to the Eredia: The Great War/www folder in your steam library.

-> Paste the save folder here.

-> Even though the entire save folder has been exported, you can only load up the file which was saved in the player's home in Miralia after completing the first game. It's necessary to copy the entire folder so that the global and config files do not get missed.

Please do remember while playing that this game was made by a single dev, and while I tried to eliminate as many of the bugs as I could find, if you do run into something, please report them in the discussions section. I will try to fix them as soon as I can.

Lastly, please write your honest review after giving the game a try. Your feedback is critical to the success of Eredia as a whole.

That's all. Cheers and happy gaming!



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