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Latest Progress Report + Announcement

I know it's been long. How're you all doing? Development of the main story branches (except for the final cutscene) along with the sidequests have been completed. Some of the promised features, however, had to be dropped to maintain consistency with the rest of the game. Three of these features are: Mercenary Hiring, Fame and Romance System. Everything else including Guilds, Tournaments, Karma, Casinos, Festivals, Pets, Housing, Character Quests, etc., have been implemented without any issues. Finally, considering that Eredia is a 60+ hour game with a vast open world, a rich bundle of features, and around 100 story-driven side quests, testing and proofreading it is a monumental task in itselbf. Releasing it with zero bugs might seem like an impossible task, but we're working hard to ensure that it releases with as few bugs as possible. We promise that the final product will be worthy of the wait, and its quality will be representative of the hard work and dedication we put in everyday. Thank you all for sticking with me on this journey. On a different note, we are planning on hosting an Eredia Art Contest on our website in less than a week. The participants have the chance of winning digital copies of Eredia: Diary of Heroes, cash prizes, and even RPG Maker engines (Steam Keys) of your choice. Stay tuned!

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