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Eredia Demo 1.4 + HAPPY NEW YEAR

Eredia has been in development for 10 months now, and it has been a hell of a ride so far! Without the feedback and criticism received from the community, Eredia wouldn't be where it is today. The amount of support I've received from this community, RMW and the users of Steam Greenlight (yes, I wrote that right) has been nothing short of overwhelming. And because of your love and support, I have managed to Level Up Eredia to the point where I finally have a demo which is somewhat reflective of the level of quality the full game will have. (I say "somewhat" because I know I'll keep on improving the product everyday) So without further ado, here's the update notes: - Engine Update: As many of you know by now, the latest RPG Maker MV uses pixi v.4, so I have updated Eredia to reflect the same. As a result, you'll get smoother gameplay, better performance and less crashes and other issues. All plugins have been updated to work compatibly with pixi v.4. - Mapping Updates: MAJOR changes were made to almost all of the maps. RTP elements were replaced with custom ones and all cliffs/caves now have rounded tiles! (except for the minotaur village) Apart from that, mapping errors were fixed, and unnecessarily large caves and rooms have been made compact. Here is an example of the rounded tiles:

- HUD and Design Updates: The Main Menu has been entirely redone. Here is how it looks in the current demo (check the images section for the higher resolution image):

There are many of you who might be wondering, "This is clearly a bust menu... what about the supplementary characters? Ew... face graphics in a bust menu must look ugly!" To answer that question, ALL secondary playable characters now have their own bust graphics, even if those characters appear for only 15 minutes. Katy the sheep still doesn't have her bust graphic, though. Sorry, you don't count as a playable character. - New Party HUD added! (Check the cave screenshot above) Again, some of you might be thinking, "Another HUD to clog up the screen?! ....Y u do dis, dev?!". Well, for those who like to play with a more vanilla screen, you will now be able to individually toggle the display for each of the HUDs. So basically, the Gold HUD, Party HUD and the Clock can be hidden and displayed at any time from the Options Menu(effective after the prologue). Additionally, all of the HUDS (except for the clock) now have their own customized designs. - Writing/Proofreading: The entire demo has now been proofread and rewritten in a more professional style (special thanks to tespy for the support). Typos and grammatical mistakes have been corrected as much as possible and the dialogues have been rewritten to improve the flow. - Content Addition: While I promised myself NOT to add any more content in the demo, I couldn't help but notice that the Dolonde/Zangierd arc felt a bit linear. Hence, I added two more sidequests in Dolonde (The demo now has a total of 15 sidequests). - Balancing and Bug Fixes: Runestones have been nerfed and made less expensive. Minor bugs have been fixed and the difficulties have been slightly increased as there are now more ways to earn money than before. Well, that's all for the update. Sadly, your old saves won't be compatible with this version because of the new engine and the menu. On the other hand, the older versions are no longer representative of the game's current level of quality. As for the main game itself, almost 50% of the game is completed. About 20-25 hours worth of playable content (including around 45 sidequests) have been made. I will keep the community updated with progress reports on a monthly basis. 2016 has been an awesome year for Eredia; let's make 2017 even better! Have a great new year ahead, everyone!

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