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Eredia Demo Version 1.3.4 Released

While the development is progressing smoothly, I took some time out to address some of the issues that affected the quality of the demo. The following issues have been fixed in the new update: - Battler graphics of killed enemies no longer get redrawn when targeted by a skill.(Thanks MOG!) - Rewritten the prologue(Changed writing style). - Fixed a transfer issue in the Dolonde caves. - Fixed an issue where mana was consumed even when the teleportation was interrupted. - Changed some item prices. - Balanced some skills and skill costs. Regarding the development of the game itself, everything is going smoothly and the progress is actually faster than I had expected it to be! Character art for the new characters will be ready by the end of the month as well. I would also like to thank the testers for their effort. Testing an open world, 50+ hours game is not an easy feat by any means, especially when there is a lot of branching involved. I'd really be lost if it weren't for your great support and feedback! ^^

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